Sperrin Fun and Heritage Farm is an ideal venue for an educational, fun-filled, and valuable learning opportunity for pupils’ at all key stage levels in your school.  A visit to Sperrin Fun and Heritage Farm will satisfy numerous criteria for various key stage strands from the Northern Ireland Curriculum as outlined below.  

  • Foundation -Teachings on the role of the farmer in the community, the types of crop and animals that live on a farm and learn about animals and their young.
  • Key Stage 1 -Illustrating how farming shapes the Northern Irish Landscape i.e. hedges, fields, mountains and teaching how plants and animals rely on each other.
  • Key Stage 2 -Learn about how farming has changed the landscape. 

  • Foundation - Explain what happens to animals in the winter time and why e.g. cows and hens go indoors/animal safety.  Discuss the role of the sun and how it helps crops to grow. 
  • Key Stage 1 - View vintage farm equipment and learn about how transport has changed over time and how animals used to power machinery such as ploughs.
  • Key Stage 2 - Learn about egg production, the effect of the weather on a farm and all about different breeds of cows, sheep hens, etc.

  • Foundation - Teach pupils about farming as a part of their community and the importance of farm land and how to help look after it.
  • Key Stage 1 - Learn about how different plants and animals adapt to cold weather and demonstrate what makes NI’s landscape so unique.  Discuss positive and negative effects.
  • Key Stage 2 - Learn about what the best type of soil is for growing potatoes and other vegetables.  Children will also learn about the similarities and differences between plants and animals. 

  • Foundation - Learn how crops, animals and their daily lives are affected when seasons change and the impact it has on the farmer.
  • Key Stage 1 - Learn about how farming has changed over time and that some farms now practice organic farming.  Discuss positive and negative changes and how we can make an active contribution to building a better environment for plants and animals.
  • Key Stage 2 - Learn about growing healthy food and producing healthy meat, its importance and how our approach to food and its production has changed over time.

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